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When you initially purchased your timeshare or vacation property, you probably looked forward to enjoying the space with friends and family members for years to come. 

Get Out Of A Time Share

Do you own a timeshare or vacation property that hasn’t quite lived up to your expectations? Are you wondering how do I get out of timeshare terms?

Timeshare Termination

Let’s face it. Timeshare termination can be an overwhelming process that’s draining emotionally and, sometimes, financially.

Exit Timeshare

Are you interested in timeshare exiting solutions? If so, you may have done some research on how you can exit a timeshare or vacation property....

Cancel Timeshare

The timeshare cancellation process can be a long, arduous one that can be both emotionally and financially taxing.

Who We Are

About Resort Releases

Resort Releases, we’re passionate about developing timeshare exit solutions for our clients because we genuinely care about them. That’s why we work so hard to stand up for and protect them from deceptive business practices that could cost them thousands of dollars and too many restless nights without any sleep. You can feel good about your decision to use our timeshare exit services because we share your values. We are a faith-based organization that gives back to the community.

Our 3 Step Timeshare Cancellation Process



Tell us about your timeshare. Our client specialist will ask you questions about your timeshare contract, preparing a file for the case analyst to review and evaluate. Your case analyst will then contact you with options for the resolution of your timeshare contract.



Your case analyst will send you a service agreement that officially kicks off the resolution process – allowing our team of legal experts to begin to build your case strategy.
Should you opt-in for credit restoration and monitoring, your coordinator will contact you to walk you through the process.


Take Action

Once you choose the option that you feel is best for you, we go to work to permanently eliminate the debt and frustration timeshare ownership. Finally, once your case is resolved, you will receive a letter that officially relieves you of all further liability regarding your timeshare contract.

Timeshare Contract

How we resolve your timeshare contract

The following steps are what to expect once you get started with Timeshare Compliance.

  • Once you Qualify
  • Who is on YOUR team?
  • Consider this your timeshare exit dream team,
  • working together to resolve your timeshare contract.

Client Specialist

Kicks off the process by conducting a survey with you regarding your timeshare contract.

Case Analyst

Reviews and evaluates your case file and prepares resolution options for you to choose from.


Walks you through the credit restoration and monitoring process, should you opt-in.

Case Representative

Conducts the internal review of your files and documentation and prepares your case for your attorney


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